Treating Athlete’s Foot

athletes_footAthlete’s foot
is a common skin disease that affects the feet. Its primary cause is a fungus known as trichophyton. Besides, it is also caused by Tinea Pedis, the fungus responsible for causing ringworms in humans. These two feed on the dead skin for nourishment. They thrive well in moist and warm conditions and are common in shared showers, gym locker rooms, floors and swimming pools to mention a few where people often walk barefoot. Although athlete’s foot typically affects the feet, it can quickly spread to other parts of the body like the groin and much more if not treated on time.

Athlete’s foot is common in teenagers and men. Children below the age of twelve or women are less likely to suffer from the condition. Those who frequently exercise and put on tight fitting shoes also increase their chances of getting athlete’s foot. The most prominent signs of athlete’s foot include itching, burning sensations, frequent peeling of skin, pain, cracking, bleeding among others. Some people exhibit no symptoms, and it’s quite difficult to find out if they are infected. If you notice the symptoms mentioned above, seek medical attention immediately.

Athlete’s foot treatment

So, how is athlete’s foot treated? Well, in some cases it’s not a big deal and can be managed from the comfort of your home. Here a few of the most common treatment options for the condition.

– Improving Hygiene

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Hygiene plays a significant role in the management of athlete’s foot. Before seeking any medical assistance try cleaning and drying the infected area. It is the only method to make sure that the fungus doesn’t thrive. If your conditions are not severe, your chances of recovery are very high. Besides, keep your footwear dry and desist from sharing clothes and towels. Also, disinfect your bathroom floor to ensure its free of the fungi.

– Medication

Medicine to treat athlete’s foot is sold over the counter and can be bought even without prescription. It is available in four forms-pills, cream, powder and spray. All of them contain anti-fungal agents that will solve the problem once and for all.

Medicated powders like Tolnaftate and Miconazole are commonly used to treat athlete’s foot. The work by keeping your feet dry at all times. Medicated powder is designed to dry your feet and treat your condition. It can also be used to treat shoes and socks that you suspect got infected with the fungi.

Most doctors highly recommend creams. Some of the most popular creams for treating the juice_plus1condition are Tinactin, Lamisil, and Daktarin. All these creams have a common factor- they all have anti-fungal agents that will solve the situation within the blink of an eye. Typically, a pharmacist will suggest that you apply the cream twice a day, when you wake up and before retiring to bed, to get results quickly. If you are unsure of the right cream for your case doesn’t be shy to ask your pharmacist for a recommendation. The cream should be applied for three to four weeks or at least weeks after the symptoms have vanished.

Have you tried almost all athlete’s foot treatment options with little success? If so, relax! Your case may be in advanced stages, or the fungi may have developed resistance to the medication that you have been using to manage the condition. In such situations, your pharmacist will prescribe you oral anti-fungal pills like Itraconazole, Diflucan, Terbinafine to mention a few for two to three weeks. Before you start using these pills, go for laboratory blood tests to ensure that you are not suffering from any liver disease.

If unfortunately, the infection spread to your toenails, the nails have to be treated to minimize the chances of re-infecting the feet. Most people who have athletes foot concentrate on treating the infected areas and ignore their toenails. In the long run, their infection will keep recurring no matter how hard they try to get rid of it. To effectively treat your nails, you may require taking oral anti-fungal medications for three to four months.


Well, although there are numerous kinds of medication to help you overcome athlete’s foot, prevention is still the best cure. However, if you already have the condition, talk to your pharmacist to find out which type of athlete’s foot treatment will work best for your case.

4 New Features Of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3



Adobe does not cease to release core updates to its innovative and Creative Cloud Apps year after year. Therefore, 2016 is no exception, more updates have been made to the Creative Sync, and Adobe Stock. Hence, it implies that nearly all applications in the network have been affected. These updates comprise of the additions to Adobe`s top Photoshop application and a further improvement to the Adobe Stock. Nonetheless, it is not the awaited “CC 2016” update, but it has been referred to as “CC 2015.3” for Illustrator while for the case of Photoshop, it is known as “CC 2015.5.” Hence, this write-up is aimed at giving you an insight into the new features of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3.

1.Fast exports

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3 comes with a new export feature that allows you to export artboards and elements to standard web-based formats. Furthermore, it gives you the option of exporting using various scales. You can now export an individual artwork or the entire art boards to different file formats and sizes with just a touch of a button. Besides, it comes with a new Exports for Screen dialog (File>Export>Export for screens) which allows you to export artwork or art boards with a vast spectrum of file options. Moreover, it has an advanced panel for Asset and Export (Window>Asset >Export) that provides a holding area for you to collect the assets that require frequent editing and export.

2.Live Shapes Enhancements

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3 have been transformed to simplify your work. Hence, it allows you to have a finite control over the radius adjustments. It comes with a Transform Panel that allows you to make any changes. You are required just to click on Shape to make live changes and edits. Furthermore, you can do all regular transformations by clicking Transform within the same panel. Another notable enhancement is that its bounding box is simplified to offer a more advanced experience while you are dealing with Live Shapes.

3.Enhanced libraries in the creative cloud

You can now search for all your assets across Adobe Stock and libraries. The new Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3 allows you to work with the old or existing colors by enabling you to import color groups and patterns. It offers better support for character styles in the libraries and allows for a more creative control over your entire texts. Furthermore, it allows you to find any assets that you need faster with its larger Libraries Panel, icons, and a new filtered search of Adobe Stock.

4.Dynamic symbols and smart guides

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3 comes with symbols that can now share one master shape but can be modified to have a broad range of appearances including fill, opacity, and stroke. You can use the rotate, scale, skew, and mirror them without breaking the link to the current symbol. On the other hand, using the improved Smart Guides in Illustrator CC 2015.3, you can space and align objects with ease. Furthermore, the guide can allow you to draw perfect shapes such as circles and squares without being required to use modifiers or control keys.



5.Shaper tool



Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3 comes with a shaper tool that allows you to convert all your free-flowing and natural symbols into standardized geometric shapes. You can also use the shaper tool in the touch-optimized workspace as well as the traditional workspace.

Top 5 Email Marketing Software



Typically, email marketing is one of the latest forms of direct marketing where companies and any other business owners use electronic mail as the principal means of communicating and creating awareness. Indeed, email marketing is a simple yet proven strategy that works incredibly in promoting business. In fact, it has been deemed to attract new customers or clients as well as used as a vital tool for maintaining a close relationship with royal clients/customers. Therefore, as a prospector in a business entity, you need powerful email marketing software to achieve the above objectives.

As mentioned, the use of email marketing is inevitable if you require advancing your business to another level. Typically, there are tens of hundreds of email marketing tools and software currently available in the market. Due to the high number of stunning email applications, users, especially those with little knowledge on email marketing, will find it quite challenging to select the best email marketing software that fits their business needs. Therefore, doing extensive research and analysis on the same is highly critical if you require getting the best software for your business. As such, this task may be challenging to people many out there. Nevertheless, no more hassle since research has been done for you, and the following are the top five email marketing software in 2016:

#1. Mailchimp

If you have been looking for a forever-free email plan with the amazing capabilities of over 2,000 contacts, then Mailchimp is the best choice for you. Indeed, with the above app, users can send up to 12,000 emails free of charge each month. Besides that, there are no worries of your account being expired; it is free for life! After a signing up for a free account, you can upgrade to access more tools and functionalities such spam filter diagnostics and auto responders.

#2. Benchmark Email

Benchmark email is another incredible software offering free for life plans. With the above tool, you send up to 10,000 emails each month, which is extremely higher than what most free email marketing tools. There is a batch of stunning features that users enjoy from the use of the above app, which includes creation of online surveys, track email statistics, incredible email templates, and much more.

#3. VerticalResponse (or VR)

If you want an email platform that you can store up to 1,000 customer contacts while sending up to 4,000 emails per month, then VR is the ultimate choice. It comes with a range of amazing features, which include free autoresponder tool, an option to connect several Twitter and Facebook accounts (which is awesome when you want to keep your customer’s contacts on social media), and much more. There is no credit care required while signing up, and you can upgrade if you need to get more free plans.

#4. SendGrid

SafeGrid is another excellent email marketing software is extremely simple and offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to build email marketing campaigns free of charge. The above tool comes with powerful features that help users to manage email recipients, content, scheduling, and so on. Besides that, it comes with capabilities to track send emails, delivery rates, link clicks, spam reports, and bounces.

#5. GraphicMail

Graphicmail is another supper-powerful email-marketing tool that comes with a range of classic features. Users are allowed to send up to 1,000 emails per month free of charge. The above app comes with incredible features such as drag-and-drop feature, responsive templates, customizable reports, real-time anti-spam protection, and real-time statistics on opens, deliveries, and clicks.


The list of some of the top email marketing software and tools are just endless, but those mentioned above are just but a few. Therefore, if you have been looking for the best email marketing tools to advance your business, then consider any of the above.


Future of Virtual Reality – What to Expect

pexels-photo-123335Living in reality can be very satisfying to you,
but very confusing to others. What your mind thinks and perceives is solely interpreted by your brain. This means that you are the only one who actually knows what happened. For your friend or relative to know, you have to explain using words. It is always your hope that what you mean when
explaining is exactly what other people will receive. Because of different backgrounds and understandings, this doesn’t always happen. Virtual reality seeks to eliminate this problem. This is by developing devices that will enable you show people what your mind is thinking and imagining. Instead of explaining to the people what you think and perceive, you’ll actually be able show them. This will make it easier for them to see exactly what you see in your mind.

What to expect?



If successful, virtual reality will make communication easier and better. There will be no call waiting since everyone is on board. People will actually know who is calling without using phone numbers. What’s more, people will be able to communicate with one another with ease without interruption of the network or other factors.



Virtual reality is actually a reality in the world of gaming. Games are becoming better and better. In fact, people can play golf from their homes using virtual reality technology. Even so, there is a lot of room for expansion. The Future of Virtual Reality, therefore, will affect more games. People will be able to play any type of game from anywhere in the world. This will make gaming experience much better than it is today.



Virtual reality is set to change the way people do their research. Take for instance medical researchers seeking to find a cure for cancer or HIV/AIDS. These professionals go through a lot of data just to make conclusions. Virtual reality is set to make it easier for them to actually analyze data and know what’s going on. Researchers will be able to know how different molecules interact and communicate in their environment. This will ultimately lead to better and faster solutions.

Media industry


Today’s media reports to you on what happened and how it happened. This is going to change under virtual reality. Virtual reality will allow you to be closer to the issue being reported. This means that you will feel more empathy than you’ve ever done.

Social virtual reality


The future of virtual reality will probably affect socialization. This is when people will feel what you’re going through, see what you are seeing and experience what you’re thinking. This will make socialization even better since even if you are not around other people, you actually know what is going on in their lives.

Virtual visits


Perhaps one of the most exciting expectations of the future of virtual reality is virtual visits. People will be able to visit places that they’ve never visited before. For instance, people will be able to tour different planets of the solar system. This will not only make it pleasurable, but exciting as well.

The future of virtual reality is unlimited. Many things can be achieved by the technology if successful. It is good to note, though, that during the course, objectives and long-term objectives may change as the project is being developed.


Why Video Marketing Is Important to Your Business and Your Online Presence

It is quite true that you find it quite difficult to stay abreast with the variety of marketing forms offered for your business. And with all these forms of marketing, you might be asking why video marketing versus any other means of getting your word out there. It presents a good argument that must be thought out carefully.

Understanding what video marketing is and how it works is the key to discovering why video marketing is very successful for your business. It is not as difficult as you think it is. It can be good news to those who are not adept to the thought of creating a short video about their business. Before you decide if this kind of marketing is for you, you should try to look up some of the few tips about the subject
When it comes to operating a business, you need to consider innovative ways to promote yourself online. Video Marketing is one of those methods that is fairly underutilized, because of the extensive amount of work that goes into creating a video. It’s just not easy to create an engaging and inspiring video for your audience. You would have to put in a significant amount of time and effort to create videos that your audience wants to watch. However, if you can effectively do this, you can use video marketing to then promote yourself online. This would mean that you hire a company to do the submission service for you, they will submit your videos to some of the biggest sites on the Internet, and this will help you get exposure and backlinks. The backlinks that video marketing provides are extensive. You will get links from some the top video sites, which will link to your website, increasing your search engine rankings. Below, you will find an explanation of the advantages of video marketing and the reasons why you should consider it for your business if you want a more significant online presence.

Video marketing builds links in large numbers, increasing your search engine rankings

Video marketing is a great way to build backlinks and it provides a large number of them. By submitting to multiple video websites, you can build links back to your website in very large numbers, which will increase your search engine rankings almost immediately. Best of all, video marketing websites are very high quality. Most of these websites are high in page rank and value. This means that getting a drink on them is incredibly valuable to your website. You can use these links to promote your pages and get your search engine rankings higher.

Video marketing builds your brand and advertises your products

Video marketing is highly effective at building your brand and advertising your products simultaneously. You can use video marketing to get your message in front of your target audience. If you have a very effective video, this video can accomplish a lot for your business. As your point audience watches the video, they could become a buyer of your products because of the strong message that you delivered. It’s a great way to get your message and your products and services in front of the eyes of people who might be interested in them.

Video marketing is underutilized by other webmasters

Something that you will find about video marketing is that it’s very underutilized in the industry. Most other webmasters do not use this to promote themselves online. Part of the reason is that it takes so much time and effort to produce a quality video. This means that by taking advantage of video marketing, you will be doing something that your competitors are not. You will have a significant edge over them; you will be able to promote yourself online, improve your search engine rankings, and become more successful than they are, all because you have invested in quality methods that other competitors of yours are not utilizing.

What individuals enjoy nowadays are free flowing pictures with sounds instead of just flat words which make video marketing the ideal choice for many. It delivers the message straight to the point to the customers and it is eye-pleasing. The retention of your products is much higher even if they do not understand too well how it works. They’re not very costly to make plus they work like commercials on television. Why consider video marketing for your business? Video marketing can increase you online and offline success as it is affordable and effective.

ADHD in Children

It is common and normal for kids to sometimes be inattentive or disruptive. It is also common for them to act carelessness or get restless from time to time. However, hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity can also be signs of ADHD in children, which can have a negative impact on your child’s ability to keep up with others. The key to addressing the issue is to know the signs and symptoms of ADHD in children.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that occurs in early childhood. It may also be called Attention Deficit Disorder or simply ADD. ADHD/ADD makes it hard for individuals to showcase their impulsive reactions, including speech, movement and attentiveness.

ADHD in children is detected after a child has exhibited six or more symptoms of hyperactivity and /or inactivity on a regular basis for six or more months in two or more settings.

Symptoms of ADHD

Firstly, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of childhood ADHD. Children affected by the condition tend to be restless. The most common symptoms include inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, restlessness, impulsiveness and socially unacceptable behavior.

If you notice any of these signs in your child, do not panic. Observe your child closely for a given period of time. Children can be quite hyperactive or fidgety from time to time. Therefore, monitor your child’s activities for some time before you come to a conclusion. The presence of some of these symptoms in a child doesn’t necessarily mean that he has ADHD or ADD. Some psychological disorders, medical illnesses and stressful life situations can cause symptoms that are similar to those of ADD/ADHD.

Before a doctor has made an accurate diagnosis of ADHD, it is essential that you see a mental healthcare professional to rule out any of the following possibilities:

• Learning disabilities or issues with language, reading, writing, speaking or motor skills.
• Major traumatic events in life e.g. divorce, bullying or the death of a loved one in recent times.
• Psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder.
• Behavioral disorders including opposition defiant disorder and conduct disorder.
• Medical condition, such as epilepsy, sleep disorder, neurological conditions and thyroid problems.

A healthcare professional can diagnose ADD/ADHD with the aid of routine guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics. This procedure also involves the gathering of helpful information from multiple sources, including parents, caregivers and teachers. The doctor will also consider how your child’s overall deeds compare with that of other kids the same age.

Helping a Child with ADD/ADHD

Regardless of whether your child’s hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity are associated with ADHD or not, they can lead to many other problems if left unattended. Children who cannot concentrate in class or control themselves may often get into trouble, find it difficult to cope in school or make friends. These difficulties and frustrations can result in low self esteem as well as stress and friction for the whole family.

Fortunately, treatment can make a huge difference in a child’s life. With the proper support and care, you can help get your child on the right track for success in all aspects of his life. If the practitioner confirms that your little one has ADHD, do not lose hope. Keep in mind that ADHD is just a disorder and not a life-threatening condition. With proper treatment and support, your child will be able to lead a normal, successful life.

The proper treatment program for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children will include the appropriate medications, counseling and behavioral therapies, in that order. As a matter of fact, selecting the right treatment plan for your child can greatly improve the condition of your child and make a huge difference over time.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to keep in mind as a parent is that you can help reduce the effect of ADD/ADHD in your child by loving and taking proper care of them. Watch over them, provide them with the right supplements and ensure they eat balanced meals at all times.

Children with ADHD need love, care and support. As a parent, it is extremely important to know as much as you can about this disorder so you can make knowledgeable decisions and ensure your child is given the best possible start in life.


Facebook Live vs. Periscope

Live video streaming seems to be the trendy thing in social media circles at the moment, with both Twitter and Facebook launching Periscope and Facebook Live respectively as a means of sharing more content on their sites. Gaming enthusiasts have been creating live videos for many years now, but getting the appropriate accounts and apparatus set up has always been challenging – well, until now! With Facebook Live and Periscope, you can stream live videos from your mobile phone at anytime, anywhere.

For businesses, streaming live videos is a great way to reach out to more people. Both Periscope and Facebook Live enable businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers by offering intimate and exclusive perspectives into company culture, management and promotions. In addition, since live video streaming allows conversations with target audiences (unlike traditional advertising that has no room for customer interaction), companies are able to interact with consumers in real time and get instant feedback concerning their products and services. Here, we give you a brief Facebook Live vs. Periscope comparison to help you determine which platform is the best option for your live streaming video needs.

Facebook Live vs. Periscope -Which Live video streaming Platform is the Best?



Periscope was acquired by Twitter even before it was launched in early 2015, and the app was able to attract up to 10 million users within the first 4 months. According to the New York Times, Periscope was named by Apple “The App of the Year” in December 2015.

The major features and benefits of Periscope include:

• The ability to use your Twitter account to log into periscope
• It has a user-friendly interface that allows interaction through direct engagement with the scoper/broadcaster.
• Integration with the social network Twitter allows users to link their tweets to their Periscope sessions.
• More than 10 million users view 40 years worth of videos each day via the live streaming feature.
• Live streams are permanently stored on periscope unless the real users decide to limit access to 24 hours only.

Facebook Live

In response to the increasing demand for live streaming platforms, Facebook launched its own version with Facebook Live now providing live video streaming capabilities to the platform’s 1.65 billion active users. Although the network continues to spend resources on the newly launched live streaming service, many users think that the functionality and design aspects are lacking.

On the other hand, that Facebook takes the other hand when it comes to longevity because videos are saved automatically and stored permanently on the users account. users can keep the saved video on the accounts for as long as they want or even delete it if they don’t need it any more.


The major features and benefits of Facebook Live include:

• The ability to access Facebook Live through any account
Facebook Live videos are available to any Facebook user globally
Facebook is also making live videos a priority in news feeds, thereby increasing video reach.
• Users can view live videos for three times longer than average videos.
• Live streams are stored permanently on Facebook unless when deleted by the creator/user.

Final Thoughts

While Periscope’s superior simplicity and functionality has won many fans, Facebook’s greater reach and almost unlimited resources makes it a better option for companies seeking to start a new live video marketing campaign. On the other hand, periscope easily integrates with Twitter, making it the best choice for news outlets that are looking for enhance user engagement.

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