Facebook Live vs. Periscope

Live video streaming seems to be the trendy thing in social media circles at the moment, with both Twitter and Facebook launching Periscope and Facebook Live respectively as a means of sharing more content on their sites. Gaming enthusiasts have been creating live videos for many years now, but getting the appropriate accounts and apparatus set up has always been challenging – well, until now! With Facebook Live and Periscope, you can stream live videos from your mobile phone at anytime, anywhere.

For businesses, streaming live videos is a great way to reach out to more people. Both Periscope and Facebook Live enable businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers by offering intimate and exclusive perspectives into company culture, management and promotions. In addition, since live video streaming allows conversations with target audiences (unlike traditional advertising that has no room for customer interaction), companies are able to interact with consumers in real time and get instant feedback concerning their products and services. Here, we give you a brief Facebook Live vs. Periscope comparison to help you determine which platform is the best option for your live streaming video needs.

Facebook Live vs. Periscope -Which Live video streaming Platform is the Best?



Periscope was acquired by Twitter even before it was launched in early 2015, and the app was able to attract up to 10 million users within the first 4 months. According to the New York Times, Periscope was named by Apple “The App of the Year” in December 2015.

The major features and benefits of Periscope include:

• The ability to use your Twitter account to log into periscope
• It has a user-friendly interface that allows interaction through direct engagement with the scoper/broadcaster.
• Integration with the social network Twitter allows users to link their tweets to their Periscope sessions.
• More than 10 million users view 40 years worth of videos each day via the live streaming feature.
• Live streams are permanently stored on periscope unless the real users decide to limit access to 24 hours only.

Facebook Live

In response to the increasing demand for live streaming platforms, Facebook launched its own version with Facebook Live now providing live video streaming capabilities to the platform’s 1.65 billion active users. Although the network continues to spend resources on the newly launched live streaming service, many users think that the functionality and design aspects are lacking.

On the other hand, that Facebook takes the other hand when it comes to longevity because videos are saved automatically and stored permanently on the users account. users can keep the saved video on the accounts for as long as they want or even delete it if they don’t need it any more.


The major features and benefits of Facebook Live include:

• The ability to access Facebook Live through any account
Facebook Live videos are available to any Facebook user globally
Facebook is also making live videos a priority in news feeds, thereby increasing video reach.
• Users can view live videos for three times longer than average videos.
• Live streams are stored permanently on Facebook unless when deleted by the creator/user.

Final Thoughts

While Periscope’s superior simplicity and functionality has won many fans, Facebook’s greater reach and almost unlimited resources makes it a better option for companies seeking to start a new live video marketing campaign. On the other hand, periscope easily integrates with Twitter, making it the best choice for news outlets that are looking for enhance user engagement.

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